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  • Single Head Cord Knitting Machine
    Single Head Cord Knitting Machine
    Single Head Cord Knitting Machines are applicable to produce mobile hook tape, seat-cushion cord , gauze mask tape, and shoelace. It is fitted for cotton yarn, polyester yarn and polypropylene yarn. Cord thickness is subject to yarn density...① Needle pipe(mm):Φ1.5-Φ36② Needle type:3-16③ Cord knitting diameter(mm):Φ1.5-Φ36④ Motor:1HP/220V/50HZ ⑤Speed:1400rpm
  • Case-Big Customer in Turkey
    Case-Big Customer in Turkey
    This is a big customer in Turkey. He is a well-known rope and belt machinery middleman there, with an annual turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars. It was also a chance that their original supplier no longer produced that style of jacquard machine for some reasons. Coincidentally, their purchase just found us on Google browser. They looked at our website and had in-depth communication with our salesperson. Finally decided to choose to cooperate with our company.In order to ensure that the customer's first shopping experience was good, our company made every effort to meet the various needs of customers based on the principle of benefiting others. Finally, the customer signed in the machine satisfactorily and placed a large number of orders soon after.Credit Ocean places enormous importance on the satisfaction of the various demands of our diverse customers. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with many factories that manufacturer a wide range or products for more than 10 years. These relationships give us the capabilities to offer a better selection of equipment at competitive prices, no matter your requirements. No order is too small or big. We can offer abundant models of standard equipment and for customized equipment, we will work hard to meet your individual demands by applying the comprehensive knowledge and skill of our engineers.
  • Annual general meeting
    Annual general meeting
    At 18:00 p.m. on February 10, 2021, our company's Spring Festival year-end summary meeting began in a lively and peaceful atmosphere. The leaders of the company's departments and employees gathered together to talk about friendship and welcome the new year. We started our year-end summary meeting in a warm video. In watching the short film, both the company leaders and the employees of all departments were excited and moved. Many colleagues have red circles and wet eyes. After watching the short film, everyone was very excited and warmly discussed the content of the short film. After watching the short film, the general manager of the company will give you a spring festival speech. After the conclusion, we welcome the highlight of today's activity:
  • Multi-Head Cord Knitting Machine20 Head
    Multi-Head Cord Knitting Machine20 Head
    Cord Knitting Machines for Fishing Net are with simple structure, it is composed by machine head, machine stand, yarn stand and motor. It can be widely used in weaving all kinds of shoelace bag lace seat-cushion cord, gauze mask tape respirator belt knitting machine and cummerbund.This circular knitting machines is fitting for cotton yarn, polyester yarn and polypropylene yarn. Cord thickness is subject to the yarn density.
  • 2019 The 52th Federal Tade Fair in Moscow
    2019 The 52th Federal Tade Fair in Moscow
    NINGBO CREDIT OCEAN MACHINERY&ELECTRON CO.,LTD take part in The 52th Federal Tade Fair in Moscowfrom 19-22th ,Feb.2019.On the whole, the exhibition is relatively smooth through the efforts of all employees, and the company's brand has also been well promoted.
  • MHR-B Series Flexo Label Printing Machine
    MHR-B Series Flexo Label Printing Machine
    MHR-B series flexo label printing machine is an upgrade for MHR-S flexo press, which can maintain registration without machine stop.The MHR-B flexo label printing machine integrates mechanical and electronic technology, featuring stable printing pressure, accurate positioning, easy operations , durability and high reliability. This flexo label printer allows to adjust the position of plate cylinders without machine shut down and align them with the register marks. Thus a higher printing efficiency is achieved to save materials and reduce downtime.
  • Multi- Head Cord Knitting Machine 60head
    Multi- Head Cord Knitting Machine 60head
    Multi-head knitting machines can be used for polyester, nylon, spandex and other yarns.High-speed knitting Mask elastic cord, with 6 needles, 12needles, 16needles, and other configurations, can make 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm round and flat shapes. It is suitable for weaving mask tape/mask rope, clothing and shoe materials, accessories for gifts and accessories. It can weave hollow/core round fabrics, and crocheted fabrics (strings) can also be elastic or non-elastic.
  • Electronic Jacquard Needle Looms
    Electronic Jacquard Needle Looms
    The reed width of 8 / 45-192 needle computerized jacquard machine is 45mm, which is suitable for producing jacquard belts 15-40mm wide. At the same time, the 8 belts are produced. Various patterns can be produced according to different patterns.
  • Two Head Fancy Cord Knitting Machine
    Two Head Fancy Cord Knitting Machine
    The double head fancy cord knitting machines have1,Single and multi-head knitting machine.2, With different sizes.3, Cords are beacutiful as decoration, shoelaces/handbaglace.
  • MHR-S Series Flexo Label Printing Machine
    MHR-S Series Flexo Label Printing Machine
    The MHR-S flexo label printing machine utilizes a high-precision anilox roller to transfer the ink to the printing plate held on the plate cylinder, then the image is transferred to the image-receiving substrate.After the substrate dries, the printing process finishes. Dozens of plate cylinders with a variety of specifications are available to satisfy the different printing requirements. Featuring an exact color register with a printing speed of up to 60m/min, the MHR-s flexo label-printing, can be a perfect alternative to screen printing machines.
  • 19th International Textile Industry Exhibition
    19th International Textile Industry Exhibition
    At the 19th International Textile Industry Exhibition, we met many customers. Some are new, and some we have only chatted with on the Internet. All in all, this exhibition was very successful, allowing us to better understand the recent new needs of various countries in the textile industry.
  • MHJ-050 Ultrasonic Cut Single Machine
    MHJ-050 Ultrasonic Cut Single Machine
    Features♦ Full-digital smart control without the frequent need for maintenance.♦ Simple operations and set-up.♦ High cutting and folding precision and fast speed.♦ Folds orderly.♦ Compact design and small footprint.♦ Low noise.♦ Imported die and cutting blade achieve elongated effectiveness.
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